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Can I iron them on?

No unless there’s an (iron) icon next to the patch. Most of our patches are so old that even if the patch was made as as an iron-on it won’t work anymore…and probably could damage both your garment and the patch. Also, by sewing it on (we do this cheaply) you can easily remove it later and re-apply it to your new garment. 

Do you accept credit cards in your store in Toronto?

Yes. Cash works too.

Are they really original and old?

We’ve been to NYC, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, MOncton NB, small town Quebec, villages in Ontario, purchased every da for four years from England and Australia and Germany and we even found some old North American 1970’s patches in Bangkok stapled to a store’s pillars….yes damn it they are old, real, and we’re always looking for more.

Do you buy patches?

If they are legitimate and old, usually. Not scouting, not military, but hey, it never hurts to visit us or send us an email with pictures. You’ll get more in trade if we like your patches than you’ll get by selling them to us. Talk to us!

Can I bring in my own patches to be sewn on?

Yes, but if we are buy it will have to wait until a slower time. Just drop off the jacket or bag and we’ll go from there.

I want to build a jacket and that can get very expensive…do you offer volume discounts?

That depends on the patches you want. We always help where we can with jacket building. We won’t know until we see your plan, and we’ll help you think it through.

Do you make custom patches?


Will you look for a patch I cannot find?

Sure, no guarantees, but we’ll add it to a list that is already very long!

How old are your patches?

It varies. Our oldest patches are from the 1950’s….some Ford, some Plymouth, and a lovely variety of owls, birds, turtles and other decorative items. We’ve had patches from the 1940’s but those are now sold.

How did you become the patch people?

Found 10,000 old patches, did some research, and decided to go for it. Those 10,000 represent about 1% of the selection you now see. 

Do you sew them on leather?

We taught ourselves to sew in order to help you get patchin’. We sew on all materials except thicker leathers that bikers wear. Our machines aren’t equipped for it. But denim, canvas bags etc, yes, we do, and we charge as little as $5 per patch, sometimes less if we aren’t busy and you’ve bought a ton of stuff.


Do you offer returns or exchanges?

You are buying a vintage patch. It is old. You’ve seen a picture of it, we are trusted and reputable. There are no returns on your purchase, because, well, why would there be? The patch goes out undamaged or flawed as you have seen it in the picture, so what you sees is what you gets? Dig it?